The first time I used the Cascadia Soapery products, my husband and I were staying at the Red Lion Inn & Suites. I was so surprised to see the excellent quality of soapery products, provided, as it is uncommon in a majority of hotels. I was so pleased with the products that I contacted the company to purchase some for my home use. I love that they are a more natural option and they smell WONDERFUL! The Lavender charcoal bar soap makes my skin feel so soft! And the lotion is a pleasure to use, because it's not greasy! I love it!! I highly recommend their products!
- Kirsten, Creedmoor, NC

I had used your shampoo, conditioner and body lotion while on a family vacation. I instantly fell in love with it. My hair has always been very thick and hasn't had much movement, but with your product I noticed I had the natural flow and movement that any woman would love to have when their hair is down, plus it gave it a pretty shine! I had used the body lotion originally just to try it, however I put it on a sunburn later on in the vacation and it took the burn away! I was absolutely a fan from then on! I would love to be able to purchase and use this product on a daily basis!  
- Daron, East Lancastor, CA

I love your products!  I can hardly wait for your retail line!  I'm very careful about hair and skin products.  My skin is very sensitive.  The Cascadia Soapery products allow me to enjoy light fresh scents without irritating my skin or my allergies.  The Hemp & Lemon Shampoo is like summer in a bottle.  I'm a medical assistant, and I wash my hands frequently throughout the day.  The Mint & Aloe Body Lotion soothes my chapped hands.  The Lavender & Tea Charcoal Bath Soap calms skin irritations.  I just love this stuff!  Let me know when the retail line launches!
- Jennifer, Lynwood, WA

I was first introduced to Cascadia products when my friend brought home samples from her stay at a hotel on business. First impression: packaging was gorgeous! Beautifully simple. The products themselves were surprisingly delightful! You don't expect such quality from hotel products. The shampoo and conditioner did wonders to my hair. I would recommend them both to anyone. Love Cascadia products!
- Kristin, Medical Lake, WA

Last week, we spent a night in a hotel near the Portland, OR airport.  Usually there isn’t much exciting about this kind of experience.  But there, in the bathroom, were sample products from Cascadia Soapery.  The labels on the packages were different from what you usually find in the hotel bathroom, so I took a look.  And tried the Mint & Aloe Body Lotion.  It smells great, but the important thing to me is that it isn’t too heavy and greasy.  This stuff is nice and light and absorbs easily.  Yay!!  And then there was the Lavender & Tea Charcoal Bath Soap.  I liked that so much that I followed the chambermaid down the hall to ask if I could have a few extra bars to take home with me. (She gave me some – yay!!)  Of course, I took all the products from the hotel bathroom home with me.  I’m looking forward to the time when I can order full-size online!!  So excited to have found these quality bath/body/hair products!  Thank you.  
- Jayne, Englewood, CO

I'm in love with your products! They smell wonderfully and I love how you go the extra step to make all your Cascadia Soapery products environmentally friendly. All soaps and lotions should be made like yours!
- Joshua, Philadelphia, PA

On some recent travels, I had the opportunity to use some of the personal products made by Cascadia Soapery, namely, their Mint and Aloe Body Lotion, Lavender and Tea Charcoal Bath Soap, and the Lavender and Tea Moisturizing Facial Bar.
Make no mistake, you are using a personal care product that is much elevated from those that you find in large grocery stores.  Most of the soaps I try dry my skin, but Cascadia's soaps made my skin feel very clean, but most importantly, not dry.  The scents are refreshing, earthy, and pure - they don't smell manufactured from chemicals. Once these items are available for purchase, I will be buying them.

- Keith, DuPont, WA

I recently used the awesome products Cascadia Soapery provides to the Red Lion.  At first I was skeptical about trying something new with my sensitive skin issues, but what a joy.  The lavender and tea charcoal soap left my skin soft and I actually felt clean and the scent is delightful. The hemp and lemon shampoo and conditioner left my hair with lots of volume and soft to the touch.  The mint aloe lotion has a great uplifting scent, and leaves skins soft and moisturized.  These product are fantastic and with natural ingredients. 
- Kimberly, Mcneal, AZ

I recently stayed at a hotel and saw that they had provided Cascadia Soapery products for their hotel guests. These products are amazing. They are spa quality, with natural ingredients. Their fragrance is awesome and it only takes a minimal amount to get a maximum effect with their soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body washes. I love their products so much that I would stay at the same hotel in order to have access to these products. They are truly amazing!
- Geneva, Glenns Ferry, ID