Surrounded by the great gifts offered to us by Mother Nature, we’re passionate about protecting the planet that we call home. We know that you are too. That’s why all Cascadia Soapery products come with the ERP™ mark of approval.

 What is ERP?

ERP is the leading benchmark for Environmentally Responsible Products. It’s an authentic and evidence based environmental approach to product development, advocating future friendly innovations that strive to make a positive difference to the planet and the communities we serve.

Our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and constantly reviewed to ensure it is as eco-responsible as possible. No finished products are tested on animals. Soaps are moisture rich and formulated from vegetable based ingredients. Liquids are blended from high quality biodegradable ingredients and enriched with natural and organic extracts.

What materials are used in ERP ranges? And how do they work?

All plastic materials used in the packaging of an ERP product contain an organic based, additive. When added to common plastics as a raw material, it breaks down the molecular structure when exposed to a landfill environment. Essentially, any throw away plastic that contains this additive, will biodegrade after it ends up in landfill.

How does it biodegrade plastic?

It is a scientific process. The organic based, additive in the plastic synthesizes with other nutrients and allows microbes to enter the polymer chain once they secrete acids in oil to break it down into gas. Biodegradation with this organic based additive is a 100% organic process. As opposed to other bio plastic materials, which promote inorganic degradation of plastic materials.

What are the benefits of biodegradation in landfill?

Too much plastic waste ends up in landfill and global waste consumption is an enormous issue. Normal plastics are not biodegradable, therefore, they will forever stay in landfill. However, plastic from an ERP product will biodegrade under normal landfill conditions. It will not cause an issue for landfill waste in the long term.

Can ERP products be recycled?

Yes. All ERP products that currently meet recycling standards can still be recycled using local recycling facilities.

All of this means that Cascadia Soapery not only smells and feels good, but does good too.